'Bully', a new hard hitting documentary about the problem of bullying and abuse in U.S. schools, will be shown in cinemas after all, despite being rated R by the MPAA for its bad language. Moviemakers Lee Hirsch and Harvey Weinstein had slammed the decision, arguing that if the movie is rated R then children who could benefit from seeing will film, will be unable to.
However, according to Entertainment Weekly, AMC cinemas - one of the largest chains of theaters in the United States - has agreed to let moviegoers of all ages see the film, so long as they have a permission slip, which will be available online this week. Despite a Washington D.C hearing on the matter and strong protests from Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian and Hugh Jackman, the MPAA refused to budge on their decision to rate the movie 'R'. Films are typically given the rating if they contain language of violence not suitable for youngsters, but DeGeneres, among others, argued that the swearing must be shown in order to truly portray bullying currently happening in America.
The hard-hitting film is already being talked up as a potential Oscar winner in the category of Best Documentary at next year's ceremony.