Sometimes, a film can be so awful that words fail a movie critic. Deep Core is one of these, a terrible, terrible, terrible Voyage to the Center of the Earth homage that has Craig Sheffer and a crew of sci-fi TV show castoffs digging into the earth's crust in a giant, laser-shooting digging machine in order to shift a couple of tectonic plates through the strategic use of nuclear weapons.

Of course there's a duplicitous corporate plot to interfere with them, and boy oh boy if the atrocious digital effects don't get piled on in bulk. The supporting cast includes Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton, whose character exits in the most hilarious finale I've seen on film, along with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Terry Farrell, as a brainy inventor and requisite love interest. Perhaps most amusing is Harry Van Gorkum (no known Star Trek ties) as the corporate lackey, with a ridiculous beard that makes him look like Taylor Negron dressing up as Ron Silver. Apparently there's a commentary track on the DVD release, but after watching the movie itself I was too depressed to look for it. This one's all Core, no fruit.

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