We all love One Direction, no, seriously we do, but how much do we really know about Harry Styles and the rest of the gang? Not nearly enough, according to the boys and their paymasters, which is why they’re releasing a behind the scenes documentary directed by, oddly, Super Size Me creator Morgan Spurlock. Now you can view the first trailer from the doc, titled 1D 3D.

Check out the trailer for 1D 3D

Disappointingly Spurlock hasn’t got them all on a fast food diet for a month, well not if the preview is anything to go by. Instead what we get is a load of hard hitting facts about just how big this group are. Because they are big, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. People queue for up to FIVE DAYS outside their shows, the lads are number one in 37 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. These facts aren’t being shouted by anyone in the clip, but they might as well be. One Direction are big business.

But what about what they think? All those feelings those fellas must have; sure they’re a huge band, but don’t they miss their family? Hasn’t this whole thing changed their life to a huge extent? Do they perhaps feel like they’re more brothers than anything else now? All of those questions and more are answered in the trailer, with more fascinating insight undoubtedly set to come to light when the full doc is released in the summer of 2013.