One Direction's resident lady's man, Harry Styles, is hard to keep up with when it comes to his never ending list of arm candy, so spare a thought for his mum the next time you're trying to recount his many liaisons, as she is kept firmly in the loop of all his romantic happenings.

Since he found fame on the X Factor with the rest of the 1D boys, it seems Harry has been determined to get it on with just about every woman he comes in contact with, with the media struggling to keep up with the lothario's ways. But as Harry told Metro this week, one person who knows exactly what's going on is his mum, as he told the paper, “I tell her everything and she knows the truth.”

Harry's most recent relationship was with fellow tween star, country/pop singer Taylor Swift, with the two splitting up earlier this year. True to form though, Swift wasn't one to hang about and already she's rumoured to be dating again, with Michael J Fox's son reportedly being the next person to be taken in by her southern charm. As for Harry, well we're sure he's not too hung up over the split too much either. That said, recent revelations have emerged that say the two are trying to patch up their failed relationship and are going to have one last go at making things work. Not to seem pessimistic or anything, but somehow we don't quite see the two  getting back together again for good anytime soon. But hey, stranger things have happened.