Fans of One Direction's Harry Styles can now have their own pocket-sized version of the young pop star all to themselves. According to MTV News, a new iTunes app allows fans of the 18 year-old to go on an imaginary date with him "until he falls in love with you so much that he proposes." The app is on sale for 69p and includes lots of images of the 'One Thing' singer and even allows users to go for coffee with him.
Whilst scores of the boy band's fans will be desperate to go on their imaginary date with Harry, Ellis Culcutt has been busy denying that her recent coffee date with the singer was anything other than 'just coffee.' "Wow, you people are sooo quick to make up rumours! Me & Harry went for coffee together as we haven't seen each other since last year!" said Ellis. "We're only good friends and have been since high school. I have a lovely boyfriend called Phil so you can stop spreading rumours about me and Harry dating each other because we absolutely are not!"
There is 'One Thing' that Harry's adoring fans won't be able to do using the new app unfortunately. and that is to lock lips with him. Or rather, they will be able to, but according to Mtv's description of the app, they'll have to shell out a little bit extra for that. Harry's not a cheap date, after all.