Karaoke 'singing' is often more a drunken screech than anything worth listening to, and you'd think that between the talents of Ed Sheeran, One Direction (including Harry Styles), and Taylor Swift they'd be able to perform something inoffensive, but no. Karaoke sounds the same whether you're a Grammy winner or not. 

Singing a version of Elton John's duet with Kiki Dee, 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart', Ed Sheeran, multiple members of One Direction and Harry's current beau Taylor Swift were on stage dancing while Ed and Harry performed the duet together. While no one's heart has been broken yet, both the lads' voices were breaking throughout the number. 

We were almost sad to see the song not be done between Styles and Swift, but that may have been a romantic gesture too far for one night. As the Sun reports, the couple also performed an impromptu recital of the classic Dirty Dancing routine in which Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey when 'I've Had The Time of My Life' came on- a fitting number to finish the week with. Although there has still been no official word from either Styles or Swift as to their 'relationship status', it's pretty clear that they're a devoted couple. They have spent the entire last week together including Swift's 23rd birthday, for which Styles bought 23 cupcakes.  

They're still staying in a cottage just outside Lancashire together with Taylor's people nearby waiting on the word for whenever she's ready to leave. Although she's planning on spending Christmas with her family, it's looking like she'll be leaving it until the last moment to spend as much time with Styles as possible. Ah, young love.

Check out their 'performance' below: