We thought we’d finally got it nailed it down, this Harry Styles and Taylor Swift lark. It turns out though that we couldn’t be more wrong, with even the One Direction star himself vague on the subject of whether they're an item or not.

Styles and Swift have been spending plenty of time together, with the 18 year-old joining up with the rest of his band mates late to begin filming their Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary. However, on the red carpet of an X Factor event this week Styles was coy on the subject of the pair when, as The New York Magazine reports, he was asked about it. Telling a reporter that things were “good” between them, he stopped short of going further when asked if it was a relationship, answering instead with just “maybe”. Mysterious.

He’s been more forthcoming elsewhere, however, telling Now Magazine that he’s starting to no pay attention to people’s opinions of him. “To a certain degree, that you have to think about other people, as well as looking after yourself,” he commented to the publication. “If you didn't, you'd drive yourself crazy, you have to realize you can't please everyone - it just doesn't work. There has to come a point where you step back and do something for yourself. I have decided not to let other people's opinions change what I think.”