While one part of America's most adored couple has crumbled this week, the other - Harry Styles and Taylor Swift - have taken a big step forward, as Styles told Swift that he loves her.

According to the Sun, Styles brought in the New Year with Swift in New York and gave her a vintage emerald bracelet to celebrate. "Harry handpicked the present for Taylor while he was back home." A source tells the paper, "He found it in a second-hand shop and she was impressed when he handed it to her. He gave it to her at the plush hotel they stayed in while they were celebrating New Year in New York." However, that wasn't the best gift she's received over the past week, as the source also divulged that "Harry is head over heels for Taylor and even admitted he loves her while they were in the Big Apple."

Although the spent Christmas apart, they had spent Swift's birthday together in the north of England, pottering around quaint villages of the area and enjoying pub lunches with Styles' sister- a far cry from Hollywood. Celebrating their now-official 'love', they are now continuing celebrations and are on yet another holiday. This time, rather than England or skiing, they're in the Caribbean. It's alright for some.