Harry Styles wooed a girl while watching 'Flubber', she claims.

The One Direction star's lucky lady Lily Halpern has revealed the 18-year-old hunk impressed her while they watched the 1997 Robbie Williams movie in his New York hotel suite.

She said: ''He's a really, really great guy. We've hung out a few times. We watched movies and chilled out - one night we watched 'Flubber'.''

Lily revealed the pair ''tease each other'' and she found it ''a lot easier'' when Harry - who is currently on tour with the 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmakers in Australia - was in the US.

Speaking to heat magazine, she added: ''Harry's funny, and he's an honest guy.

''He doesn't take things too seriously, and we can tease each other.

''I woke up this morning to a text and then I texted him back and he's probably sleeping now. It was definitely a lot easier to talk when he was here. It sounds like he's enjoying Australia.''