Harry Styles hasn't accepted any acting roles yet.

The One Direction heartthrob, who is keen to carve out a career in Hollywood when the group take an extended break next March, is reportedly being very selective about the scripts he reads because ''he wants to make sure it is the right role.''

A source close to the 21-year-old singer said: ''Harry is being offered acting stuff, but he hasn't accepted anything yet. He is not openly looking for stuff either but is open to offers.''

The 'Drag Me Down' hitmaker is happy to take some time off to relax while waiting for the right role to come up.

The insider told E! News: ''If he does expand into that field, he wants to make sure it is the right role.''

However, the British singer and his bandmates, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, still ''envision a future together'' after their break.

The source added: ''They are taking a hiatus so they can work on individual projects for a while but they are not splitting up. They will remain together and plan to work together in the future.

''[They] envision a future together but with the freedom to do other things as well.''