Harry Styles thinks about food while he's performing.

The One Direction hunk tries not to let his attention wander while he's on stage with bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson but sometimes can't help slipping into a daydream about what he wants to eat after the show.

Asked what he thinks about on stage, he said: ''Every show is different, but sometimes I do wonder what I'll be having for my tea that night. But I try to remain focused.''

The 'Steal My Girl' hitmaker often gets sent gifts from fans and one of the most bizarre presents he has received was a customised toilet seat.

He said: ''Someone sent me a toilet seat for my birthday. They had written all over it - and that was my birthday present.''

One Direction have won a string of awards and performed sell-out concerts all over the world, but Harry is most proud of meeting Britain's Queen Elizabeth because of what it meant to his family.

He told Top of the Pops magazine: ''I always find it's the things my parents freak out about that makes me feel the most proud.

''So for example, there's loads of stuff like the VMAs that my grandma doesn't understand, but when we met the Queen, they freaked out about it.''