Harry Styles still gets starstruck when he meets other celebrities.

The One Direction singer is in one of the biggest bands in the world, but he still has to ''take a step back'' whenever he comes face to face with his heroes.

Speaking at an event for cancer-care charity Trekstock, he said: ''There are always times when you meet someone or talk to someone and you take a step back and think, 'This is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me.' ''

Despite the group's global fame - which has been compared to the fanatical following of The Beatles in their heyday - the 'Story of My Life' hitmaker has previously admitted they aren't on the same level ''in terms of music''.

He insisted: ''We all sat and watched the film of [The Beatles] arriving in America. And, to be honest, that really was like us.

''Stepping off the plane, the girls, the madness. It was exactly the same as when we got there - just 50 years earlier.

''But none of us think we're in the same league as them music-wise. We'd be total fools if we did. Fame-wise, it's probably even bigger, but we don't stand anywhere near them in terms of music.''