Some bolshie talk from One Direction’s Harry Styles here as he insists that he doesn’t care what people think. Not one bit. No one. You got an opinion on him? He doesn’t want to hear it.

Styles has been, as usual, taking the lion’s share of his band’s spotlight thanks to his extra-curricular activities which, currently, seem to revolve around starting a relationship with US mega star Taylor Swift. It’s a mark of the sort of circles he and his band mates move in now, with the British group now enjoying success on both sides of the Atlantic, and he told Now Magazine that it had been a huge learning curve. “If I hadn't done this, I don't think I could learn in 10 years what I've learnt in the last two” he said.

Continuing, he started to reveal what he’d learnt over the past year: “To a certain degree, that you have to think about other people, as well as looking after yourself,” he commented. “If you didn't, you'd drive yourself crazy, you have to realise you can't please everyone - it just doesn't work.” Wise words, Harry. “There has to come a point where you step back and do something for yourself. I have decided not to let other people's opinions change what I think.” Yeah, screw us all!