It’s only been a few days since Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s out-of-the-blue breakup and speculation has been flying about the reasons behind the split.

People have assumed everything, from the plausible – that Mr Styles simply wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship – to the rather ridiculous – that it was Swift’s love of antiques that drove off the One Direction singer. After the announcement that Taylor was back in the studio, anticipation was (and still is) high of a breakup song, scorning her latest boyfriend. And while the supposed leaked track turned out to be (unsurprisingly) a fake, there is one thing that is certain about the split – Harry isn’t taking any time to mourn the relationship.

After the breakup, Taylor flew to LA to get on with life, supposedly, but Harry preferred to stay on the holiday wavelength. He popped in on Richard Branson’s island retreat, Necker Island, where he supposedly partied the pain away alongside Branson and the rather beautiful TV presenter Hermione Way (if you haven’t heard the name, don’t worry, we hadn’t either). Sources, close to the 18-year-old One Directioner say that nothing happened between him and Miss Way, because it was so close to the split with Swift, but nevertheless, it seems like Harry isn’t exactly in a post-breakup slump. If he isn’t careful, he may as well find himself at the wrong end of one of Taylor’s scornful ballads. Well, those two are certainly never ever getting back together.