One Direction’s Harry Styles can’t escape the news recently; he’s been breaking up with A-List celebs, getting drunk with other A-List Celebs, and his general lad-about-townery has been making headlines left right and center.

Talking of left, right and center – oh yes – Sir Harry has only gone and told us his political values! And he’s a huge, massive, raging, unashamed… Labour supporter. That sentence really sounds better with the word Tory on the end of it, but, thankfully, Styles places his values on the left. Not that we’re bias or anything; we’re an impartial observer of the goings on around us. Still, the news will come as a surprise to David Cameron, who would have thought his cameo in One Direction’s latest charity single might land him 4 new voters. Sadly, for him anyway, Harry’s all red. “I’m a Labour supporter,” he told one Brit attendee, according to The Mirror. “I lean to the left. I’m for the people.”

One Direction Are At The Brits

Harry Styles and his One Direction cronies at The Brits

So, will Harry use his considerable clout and influence amongst younger people for good? We highly doubt it, even though most of his fans are 16-year-old girls. And the next election should be in around 2 years. And Britain has a problem with young abstinence from voting. No, Harry will likely wrap up his musical career in around 2 years, with a bundle of cash, and spend the rest of his life wearing bad shirts on a leather armchair somewhere in L.A.