Harry Styles is learning how to play the piano.

The One Direction heartthrob has been having regular lessons with a tutor in order to perfect his skills on the keyboard-based instrument, and he admits he's pleasantly surprised by how well he's picked it up.

Speaking on Australia's TV programme '60 Minutes', he said: ''I'm actually having piano lessons. It's going good, I always thought I'd be really bad at it - and I'm just bad at it. I'm taking the positives.''

The 19-year-old singer acknowledges that his bandmates will want to explore different artistic endeavours, but he is adamant he'll still be part of the boy band - also consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne - until he's old and grey.

He explained: ''I hope that I'd still be touring with One Direction [in 10 years time]. I love this job so much - if you need to call it a job - and I'll be doing it until I am old and people are kind of telling me to stop.''

Harry - who along with his bandmates is worth a collective £59.33 million - insists he's not bothered about the money he is earning with 1D, but he is happy that he is able to take care of his family

He said: ''It's nice to be able to look after your family, for example, who've looked after you. If someone was to say, 'The top five things of the job', then I'd say, 'I don't think the money is in that list.' ''