High class reality show 'Made in Chelsea' star Caggie Dunlop displays her innocent charm in a three minute long advert for Impulse's new fragrance 'Loving Words'.
The film, entitled 'The Walk' is in black and white and features Caggie with swept back curly locks coupled with a simple outfit and platform high heels. She walks in slow motion through her hometown of Chelsea, stopping men in their tracks who are going about their business as bouquet delivery men, ice cream men and street painters. The end of the video reveals that she sprayed herself with the Impulse fragrance that morning. It is her first onscreen Chelsea appearance since she left the MiC reality show but the typical Caggie traits are still recognisable for frequent viewers of the show, such as her contemplative elegance and mysterious gazing into space. She is currently trying to follow a music career and has previously worked as a sex columnist for the Evening Standard.
There have been recent rumours that her latest real life admirer has taken the form of One Direction's Harry Styles however he has denied all claims of romantic involvement with the TV star and has apparently being trying to get back in contact with his ex-girlfriend TV presenter CAROLINE FLACK.