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How Harry Reems Went From Lighting Guy To Lead Actor On 'Deep Throat'

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Harry Reems, the porn actor turned realtor who died aged 65 this week, lived a turbulent life after landing the lead role in the 1972 adult movie Deep Throat, with Linda Lovelace. His wife Jeanne told the New York Times that her husband died on Tuesday (March 19, 2013) in Utah after battling multiple health issues, including pancreatic cancer.

The actor - who will be played by clean-cut actor Adam Brody in a Lovelace biopic later this year - was never in-mind to star in Deep Throat. In fact, Reems was merely working as a lighting guy on the infamous porn flick, before being called in after the original star was unable to perform his duties. Ahem. Reems played the doctor helping Linda Lovelace with a sexually sensitive area in her throat. The movie - the first adult movie to be widely shown in theatres - grossed $600 million at the box-office, though Reems claimed he only received $600 for his role. 

The movie wasn't without its detractors and Reems was convicted of obscenity in 1976, though the verdict was overturned after heavyweight movies stars Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty got involved. Nevertheless, the jail sentence and trail put Reems under enormous amounts of pressure and set him on a crippling path to alcoholism. 

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The Original Adult Film Star, Harry Reems, Died At Age 65

Harry Reems

Hollywood’s original adult film star and beloved cause celebre, Harry Reems, passed away on Tuesday, March 19.

The former actor was 65. If anybody’s life deserves to be called a roler-coaster, it’s Reeves’s. Since starring in the very first major adult motion picture, Deep Throat, back in 1972, the actor had his share of ups and downs. Having been thrust into the spotlight by sheer accident, he starred in dozens of adult films, but his influence goes far beyond his acting career. Deep Throat went on to become a huge, if controversial success. It became the cause and foundation of the adult entertainment industry, which is still one of the few thriving businesses in America. On the other hand, the film also prompted the advent of obscenity and smut laws in the country, which eventually led to Reems’s conviction in 1996 for his role in the film. The actor would have had to serve five years in prison, but actors like Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson came to his defense.

After the fall from grace, Reems moved away from Hollywood and the spotlight with his wife. According to friends, he never went into detail about his days in the porn industry, but referred to himself as a survivor and tried very hard to overcome the damage. "He hated, at the end, doing porn," His wife, Jeanne Reems said. "It was all he could make money doing." Eventually, Reems settled into Park City, Utah and the low-key lifestyle of a real-estate agent.

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Porn star Harry Reems has died, aged 65.The adult actor, best known for his role opposite Linda Lovelace in X-rated classic Deep Throat, lost his...