Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs was left red-faced recently after one of his friends logged on to an internet fansite and began spreading "scurrilous rumours" about the actor.
The Brit, who plays villainous Lucius Malfoy in the wizarding series, admits he tries not to look at websites which are set up in his honour because he doesn't want to "intrude" on the chatter between devotees.
But he was once left unimpressed when he logged on to find a pal had joined a forum and began posting joke stories.
Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, ahead of the screening of Skeletons, he tells WENN, "One of my closest friends would go on and create false characters and then start these scurrilous rumours about me like, 'He's wearing a corset or he's just had his nose done or he's having an affair with the make-up lady!'"
And the actor admits his loyal followers weren't happy with the postings, adding, "There was outrage amongst my very kind and fantastic supporters because there's a bunch of people who have started fanclubs about me."