Universal Studios has confirmed a 'Harry Potter' attraction is coming to its Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles.

Ron Meyer - president of Universal, which already has The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at its Orlando resort after it opened in April 2010 - believes the new spectacle "will change the face of tourism in Southern California".

He revealed the company is set to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the project and admitted it will be a "game changer" for the park, but he didn't give exact details about where it would be located, adding: "We have 400 acres and only 200 have been developed."

Warner Bros. chairman Barry Meyer said the attraction - which is set to include a Hogwarts Castle - will translate "the brilliant literature of J.K. Rowling" and have a "laser focus" on quality, but there was no mention on when it would be built.

He explained: "After eight films the future of 'Harry Potter' is looking brighter."