'Creature' is the worst-performing movie of all time.

The horror film opened in 1,507 US cinemas over the weekend, but each screening was seen by an average of just three people, making $330,000 in ticket sales - an average of just $220 in each of the picturehouses

This marks the worst premiere on record for a film given a theatrical release.

Movie website TheWrap.com commented: "Putting that in perspective, $220 is about what one row of movie goers spent on popcorn for the last 'Harry Potter' movie."

'Creature' - which was backed by former Universal Pictures president Sid Sheinberg - stars Sid Haig, Mehcad Brooks, Serinda Swan and Dillon Casey and features a group of friends who find themselves in trouble when they find a mysterious being, Lockjaw, "a god-like creature who is half-man, half-alligator", in a swamp in Louisiana.

The movie is one of the worst-reviewed of the year so far, drawing just an 11 per cent approval rating from critics.