Harry Potter star Brendan Gleeson is set to play a crime-solving paraplegic in writer/director John Michael Mcdonaugh's next movie.

The Irish star will reteam with his Calvary director for The Lame Shall Enter First.

MCDonaugh tells Wenn, "It's about a spectacularly abusive paraplegic. Brendan will be in a wheelchair going around in South London. He hates anyone who's able bodied, so he basically hates the entirety of society.

"I've been thinking about (Calvary actress) Kelly Reilly for the psychiatrist who tries to get the guy's life back on track and fails. It will be a dark comedy with a kind of crime element to it, because he tries to get his life in order by solving the murder of one of his disabled friends because he believes the police aren't investigating it properly because the guy was disabled.

"I stole the title from a Flannery O'Connor short story."