Harry Judd is ''happier'' being sober.

The McFly drummer quit booze two years ago along with his band-mate Dougie Poynter, and he believes he is far better off without it because he has stopped experiencing anxiety attacks.

He said: ''Dougie stopped at a similar time to me. I just found I was starting to get affected by hangovers badly.

''You know how people get hangover blues? I just started to not cope with them well, anxiety-wise, to the point where I was being really horrible. I loved going out and getting p**sed, the being drunk wasn't the problem because I was never aggressive, I think I did take it a bit too far.

''Drinking was my vice, but I can honestly say I'm happier without it.''

Harry's fiancee Izzy is also alcohol free, and he believes it is the best thing for both of them.

He added in an interview with Attitude magazine: ''Izzy doesn't drink either so it's ideal for her. It just means you want to leave the party at 1am, rather than not want to leave the party at all.''