You know how everyone freaked out over Disney buying out Lucasfilm last year?

Well, it turns out that might have been a really good turn for the Franchise. And you know what franchise we’re talking about here. It turns out that for the eagerly anticipated seventh Star Wars film, we might see a reunion of the Golden Trio! That’s right – Han, Luke and Leia (also known as Harrison Ford, Mark Hammil and Carrie Fisher, but who even calls them that?) have been linked to the project ever since before the Disney buyout. None of the stars have denied potentially starring in a Star Wars flick for the first time since Return of the Jedi, and in fact, both Ford and Hammil have expressed their willingness to join in, if they were ever invited back. Fisher has also talked about returning as Leia in an interview, but the statement was later presented as a joke by the actress’ representative.

Harrison Ford, Morning Glory UK Premiere

The next Star Wars might see Harrison Ford back for the first time since Return of the Jedi

Carrie Fisher, Primetime Creative Emmy Awards

Together again - The next Star Wars might see Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher sharing the screen again.

So it looks like it’s all in the realm of possibility right now. What is known for certain is that the flick will be directed by non-other than JJ Abrams himself and penned by Michael Arndt (he of Toy Story 3 fame). So, with such impressive names attached to the project, it’s no wonder that hardcore fans and newbies to the Star Wars universe all have extremely high hopes for Episode VII. Additionally, Disney has announced plans to release a number of standalone films for some of the major characters (namely Yoda, Han Solo, Darth Vader and Boba Fett). It’s obvious that the company is milking the story for all it’s worth, but, if we’re getting new Star Wars content out of the bargain, who’s complaining?