There’s so many rumors about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII that it’s pretty difficult to keep track of who might be in or out of the upcoming production. But with what’s become known as Star Wars Day (May 4th) fast approaching, fans seem to have been given a little mystery to keep them occupied. Original cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have all been spotted in London leading to speculation that they’re soon to be filming scenes for Episode VII. So can we now say for definite that our three Star Wars favourites will indeed be back?

Harrison FordHarrison Ford is in London, but why?

The hush hush status of Star Wars Episode VII is at best maddening. No official cast announcements have been made and every week it seems some young actor is rumored to have a role (at last check Oscar Issac is the latest). But what about our three original heroes? Despite director JJ Abrams seemingly gagging everyone, Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, has been joyful teasing her involvement for a while. We say teasing only because there’s been no official announcement, but in January TV Guide reported her as saying that she, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill were all expected to report to work in March or April and that she’d “like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again — but with white hair.”

Of course prior to Fisher’s comments the Star Wars godfather himself George Lucas let slip that the trio were in the “final stages of negotiation” to Bloomberg Businessweek last year, before adding “Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them.”

star warsWill these three being returning for Episode VII?

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So what have the famous trio been up to in London? Well the voice of Darth Maul Peter Serafinowicz, kept us all guessing by tweeting a picture of himself with Mark Hamill alongside the caption "Met up with@HamillHimself in London today. I wonder why he's here.” In the pic Hamil looked noticeably trimmed down and was sporting some wise looking facial hair. As for Carrie Fisher, she tweeted “So my do dog Gary has been spotted in London, but apparently without me. Who has he been seeing? Let me know if you have any clues,” further adding to the speculation. Then there’s Harrison Ford who’s most definitely in the capital having been spotted dining out and also with some Air Ambulance crew members on Saturday.

The latest word from Deadline is that Abrams' is hosting a big table read with the cast today, in London. More exciting is the report that “Ford has a gigantic role in the first of the next three films” though they are careful to add that as usual “Disney hasn’t been commenting on any of this.”

So can we say for definite Fisher, Hamill and Ford are all coming back for Epsiode VII? It certainly looks like it, though Disney and Abrams just love to keep us guessing. However if we were placing bets we’d guess a big announcement could come next week, maybe sometime round the fourth. Until then, for those doing the Star Wars detective work, may be force be with you in trying to figure out that Jedi mind of Abrams.

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