The cast of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' are reportedly ''livid'' with film makers over Harrison Ford's injuries.

The 71-year-old actor was airlifted to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford after he was crushed by a hydraulic door at the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire on Friday(12.06.14) leaving his co-stars furious and concerned with their own safety.

Director J.J Abrams is said to be trying to reassure the films' stars - which include Andy Serkis, Lupita Nyong'o, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill - that immediate action will be taken to avoid further accidents.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''The cast are livid. They are openly questioning the safety of sets. They've asked for everything to be triple-checked.

''Everyone was thankful nothing hit Harrison's head.''

''It's not known when he'll be ready to start filming again.''

The 'Indiana Jones' star - who plays Han Solo in the Disney sci-fi franchise - is currently being treated in a trauma unit with a specialist fracture clinic after it was confirmed his ankle was broken during the accident, although there is growing speculation that his injuries are worse than initially thought.

A source said: ''We were told he had some pelvic injuries and may have had a chest X-ray.''

Meanwhile, the filming schedule for the latest instalment of the sci-fi classic has been thrown into chaos following the incident with Harrison's absence affecting the filming deadlines for the £150million blockbuster.

However, Disney have released a statement assuring fans that shooting will continue ''as planned''.

They said: ''Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury during filming today on the set of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

''He was taken to a local hospital and is receiving care. Shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates.''