The movie star was piloting a vintage plane when he experienced mechanical issues shortly after take-off from Santa Monica Airport, and was forced to make an emergency landing on a golf course.

The action man was hospitalised with a series of injuries after bringing the craft to a standstill, and now experts have determined the problem part became separated from its mounts.

Their report suggests the carburetor was last checked in 1998, but manuals didn't offer "pertinent instructions regarding installations or continued maintenance of the jet assemblies".

Ford told the investigators he lost power shortly after take-off on 5 March and had to land the plane on a Venice golf course on his way back to the airport. The actor told the NTSB experts he had no recollection of the crash, but could remember the moments leading up to it.

The official report reads: "He (Ford) stated that he did not attempt an engine restart but maintained an airspeed of 85 mph and initiated a left turn back toward the airport; however, during the approach, he realized that the airplane was unable to reach the runway.

"Subsequently, the airplane struck the top of a tree... and then impacted the ground in an open area of a golf course."

The NTSB officials have confirmed the wings and fuselage of the monoplane, built in 1942 and is registered to MG Aviation Inc. in Delaware, were substantially damaged in the crash landing.