Harrison Ford is back on his feet, less than three weeks after breaking his leg while filming Star Wars: Episode Vii in the U.K.

The 71-year-old movie star recently underwent surgery and briefly returned to the U.S. to start his recovery and rehabilitation.

And the action man is already showing signs of making a fast recovery - just days after he was photographed in a wheelchair, it appears he's back on his feet. New shots of the Blade Runner star over the weekend (27-29Jun14) showed him walking in London with his left limb bent at the knee and strapped into a supportive crutch. His lower leg and foot were wrapped in a white cast.

The sight of the actor bouncing back from the injury is good news for Star Wars producers and director J.J. Abrams - they have continued to shoot in Ford's absence and are determined to stick to Episode Vii's planned release date of December, 2015.