Harrison Ford wants to star in a James Bond film.

The 69-year-old actor - who stars with the current James Bond Daniel Craig in new movie 'Cowboys & Aliens' - would think about accepting a role in the British spy movie series but does not think anyone would "occur" to those behind the film he might be interested.

He said: "You know I'd consider any valid offer of a good part but I don't think it would occur to anybody to quickly jam me into the next Bond movie!"

Although best known for his role as whip-cracking archaeologist Indiana in the action-adventure movie series 'INDIANA JONES' - in which he last starred in 2008 - but he does not know if there will be any future instalments, although he would be happy to take part if there is.

He told Absolute Radio's Tania Snuggs: "Well, I don't know if George Lucas is able to come up with an idea that both Steven Spielberg and I think is going to work but I'd love to play the character again."