Harrison Ford is the "quintessential cowboy".

Director Jon Favreau was delighted to sign the 63-year-old actor up to his forthcoming movie 'Cowboys & Aliens' alongside 'James Bond' star Daniel Craig because he thinks the two stars bring a "different aspect of cool" to the project.

He said: "Having Harrison as part of this, it's like hiring John Wayne. He is the quintessential cowboy. And then Daniel bringing all that credibility from his take on 007 and the work he's done before, like 'Layer Cake'.

"They both bring a different aspect of the cool, calm, collected leading man - and playing off that dynamic between them has been a lot of fun."

The film's writer Roberto Orci believes their combined presence on the movie - which sees Daniel's character Jake Lonergan wake up with no memory and the Discovery he has an alien-destroying weapon attached to his hand - means it will be a sure-fire success but if it doesn't work, he will only blame himself.

He said: "We've got James Bond and INDIANA JONES teaming up to fight aliens. If this doesn't work, then it's no one's fault but our own. I'm just amazed all the ingredients came together like this."