Harrison Ford called Chewbacca a “sack of sh*t” and accused him of sleeping his wife, during an humorous skit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. During the interview, Kimmel attempted to ask Harrison Ford about the forthcoming Star Wars movie, keen, no doubt to talk about the recent news that he would be reprising his iconic role as Han Solo in JJ Abrams forthcoming Star Wars instalment.

Ford tells Kimmel that he’d rather not discuss anything Star Wars, which throws a rather awkward spanner in the works as he hands over to members of the audience, who have come prepared with questions for Harrison… all of them dressed as Star Wars characters. Suddenly under pressure to ask Harrison a question that ISN’T about Star Wars, the best they can muster up is “do you like being in films” and “are you hungry.” Then a man dressed as Chewbacca stands and makes angry Chewbacca noises.

What ensues is an angry exchange between Harrison Ford and Chewbacca, to whom he says “you’re so full of sh*t” before turning to Kimmel and demanding to know “how’d he get in here? Did you set this up?” He then accuses Chewbacca of having slept with his wife, before storming out of the studio to a roar of laughter. The new Star Wars movie is expected to be released in 2015; Harrison should probably expect a whole bunch more questions about it between now and then. 

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