Harrison Ford has returned to flying less than three months after he was involved in a plane crash. The 72-year-old actor was spotted back at Santa Monica Airport on Thursday (28th May), looking healthy and remarkably calm for someone who had suffered serious injuries from a crash just months before. Ford was also seen co-piloting a helicopter from the airport.

Harrison FordHarrison Ford is back in the skies again.

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According to reports in People, this is the first time Ford has been back at the airport since his crash. This is not the first time Ford has been involved in a plane crash. In 2000, Ford was forced to make two separate emergency landings after encountering hazardous weather conditions, as the Guardian reports. Seemingly, Ford immediately returned to flying then and was evidently keen to return this time. A source also claimed Ford was overjoyed to be flying again. 

"Harrison was very, very happy to be back at the airport," a source said. "He kept smiling and, although walking with a slight limp, looked great."

"He co-piloted his helicopter and flew up and down the coast with a friend for a couple of hours. He seemed very excited about flying again,” the source added. 

Ford was flying his plane solo when it crashed on 5th March. Ford was flying his vintage WW2 plane over Santa Monica when he was forced to make an emergency landing on a golf course.  No one on the ground was injured, thanks to Ford’s quick thinking which was praised by members of the emergency services upon their arrival.  

Ford sustained a number of injuries and was hospitalised until April. Ford’s ankle and pelvis were broken during the crash and he underwent surgery on his pelvis in March. Incredibly, he was back working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens soon after his release from hospital in April. 

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