Harrison Ford doesn't think there is "a lot of wit in comedy".

The 'INDIANA JONES' actor confesses he was glad to receive The Script for new romantic comedy 'Morning Glory' - about a TV executive charged with boosting the ratings of a morning news show - because it wasn't the "adolescent" comedy many films have.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I think there's not a lot of wit in comedy anymore and In America these days there's a lot of an adolescent sort of humour and I'm a little too old for that so I was grateful to have the script. It was very well written and the character was an interesting one for me to play."

He had no problem in embodying the role of news anchor Mike Pomeroy - named the third worst person in the world during the film.

He said: "I found it no problem slipping into the skin of the third worse person in the world. It was a very well written script and the character was very clear."