A teaser for a teaser isn’t the most thrilling thing that fans and those keenly anticipating the Ender’s Game movie will have hoped for, but it’s better than nothing (we suppose) as the film adaptation of the Orson Scott sci-fi book inches ever closer to finally getting released.

The cast is certainly exciting, featuring as it does Hollywood veterans Sir Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford, as well as Hugo star Asa Butterfield, but there are a few obstacles for director Gavin Hood to overcome – not least the fact that the 1985 book came influenced by Scott’s very strong anti-gay beliefs which, in a 21st century where thankfully attitudes towards homosexuality are slowly getting towards the obvious acceptance that they should be at, are going to prove a marketing stumbling block. As The Atlantic Wire points out, the distractions over such possible issues have clearly made the film’s studio Summit Entertainment nervous and they’ve already pushed the release date back from this past March until November 1st.

That in itself causes some issues though, as the film’s tale of governments controlling children and those children being forced into battle now sounds very similar to a film being released just three weeks after it – the second Hunger Games. It effectively means that the two films will be battling against each other at the box office with their promotional schedules likely to impeach on each other. With that in mind it is perhaps understandable that Summit are keen to give as little away as possible, as you’ll see from the teaser below.