While Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has become a favorite in the geek community, with a movie adaptation due out this November, the author’s personal views have enraged quite a lot of people. With Card having voiced homophobic opinions in the past, LGBT organisation Geeks Out is urging its supporters to boycott the Summit film when it comes out.

Harrison Ford, CinemaCon
Ford and co. are set to promote the film at Comic-Con

"Do not buy a ticket at the theater, do not purchase the DVD, do not watch it on-demand. Ignore all merchandise and toys. However much you may have admired his books, keep your money out of Orson Scott Card’s pockets," the organization writes on its "Skip Ender's Game" website. Meanwhile, Summit plans to hold a panel on Ender’s Game at this year’s Comic-Con, featuring castmembers Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin. While Geeks Out maintains that seeing the film would only help line the author’s pockets, insiders at the studio have already begun to distance themselves from card’s views. “Orson's politics are not reflective of the moviemakers,” one person involved with the film told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. “We’re adapting a work, not a person. The work will stand on its own.”

Watch the Ender's Game trailer here.

Card himself has released a more moderate statement to Entertainment Weekly recently, suggesting that the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the Defence of Marriage Makes his views moot. “Ender’s Game is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984," Card wrote. "With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot. The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution will, sooner or later, give legal force in every state to any marriage contract recognized by any other state. Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.”

Not exactly an apology, but it is yet to be seen what effect this statement will have on the planned boycott.

Asa Butterfield, CinemaCon
Members of the cast are yet to comment.