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Harrison Ford 'Chatting' About Blade Runner 2 Role

10th October 2013

Harrison Ford is in talks for a 'Blade Runner' sequel.The 71-year-old actor hasn't ruled out speculation he could be returning as bounty hunter Rick Deckard in Sir Ridley Scott's long-awaited follow-up film to his 1982...

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Harrison Ford And Ben Kingsley Make Surprise School Visit

9th October 2013

Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley and Hailee Steinfeld shocked students at a London school by making a surprise visit to discuss life in Hollywood.The actors are supporting the work of charity FilmClub, which aims to...

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Harrison Ford In Talks For Blade Runner Sequel

8th October 2013

Harrison Ford is reportedly in talks to reprise his Rick Deckard character for a Blade Runner sequel.The 1992 movie gave its leading man a huge career boost and became a cult favourite, and now director...

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Film Legends Harrison Ford And Ben Kingsley Visit London School To Promote Learning Via Movies

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th October 2013

As part of an initiative to encourage kids to both engage with and learn from cinema, Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley visited a London academy in West London.Ben Kingsley in Ender's GameThe kids that...

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Chloe Moretz Hasn't Auditioned For Star Wars

7th October 2013

Chloe Moretz says she hasn't auditioned for 'Star Wars Episode VII'.The 'Kick-Ass' star has been linked to Disney's blockbuster sequel, to be directed by J.J. Abrams, after posting a series of teasing messages on Twitter...

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Saoirse Ronan Auditions For Star Wars

3rd October 2013

Saoirse Ronan has auditioned for 'Star Wars Episode VII'.The 'How I Live Now' actress has confirmed rumours she read for a part in Disney's blockbuster sequel, to be directed by J.J. Abrams, but insists ''so...

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And The First Actor Cast In Star Wars Episode Vii Is...The Guy From Spooks?

By Michael West | 24th September 2013

David Oyelowo, the British actor best known for the BBC series Spooks, is reportedly the first actor to be signed up for Star Wars Episode VII.The actor has been rumored heavily as of late, though...

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Wanted: One Chewbacca - Has Jj Abrams' Gone Wookiee Hunting For 'Star Wars Vii'?

By Lauren James | 24th September 2013

JJ Abrams' new Star Wars movie, Episode VII, may include a wookiee if the rumours currently circulating the internet are true. The news that Abrams might be on the hunt for a new Chewbacca was...

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Harrison Ford To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

18th September 2013

Harrison Ford will receive a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival.The 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' actor will be honoured for his hugely successful career in Hollywood at the annual film gala in...

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Kelsey Grammer Lands Nicolas Cage's Expendables 3 Role

18th September 2013

Kelsey Grammer will replace Nicolas Cage in 'The Expendables 3'.The 58-year-old actor is close to signing on to play the role of Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary who comes to the assistance of the team of hired...

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Harrison Ford To Receive Hollywood Career Award

16th September 2013

Harrison Ford is set to receive the Hollywood Career Award at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards.The Indiana Jones star will be feted on 21 October (13) at the Beverly Hilton in California, according to The...

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Harrison Ford Threatened With Deportation From Indonesia

11th September 2013

Actor Harrison Ford was recently threatened with deportation from Indonesia after a climate change interview went awry.The Indiana Jones star had scheduled an interview with forestry minister Zulkifli Hasan in Jakarta, but, according to presidential...

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The Things They Say: 3859262

10th September 2013

"I'll use my celebrity to get a table at a restaurant or an appointment with the doctor. I'm serious! These are the practical uses of celebrity." Harrison Ford explains how he benefits from fame.

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The Things They Say: 3858881

10th September 2013

"Retirement is for old people. I'm still in the business, thank you." Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, 71, has no plans to give up working.

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Kellan Lutz Having 'Fun' With Guns On Expendables 3

5th September 2013

Kellan Lutz has never blown up as much stuff as he has on the set of 'The Expendables 3'.The 'Twilight' actor is part of an all-star cast in the action sequel - written by and...

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Benedict Cumberbatch For 'Star Wars Vii'?

4th September 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly signed up for 'Star Wars VII.'The 37-year-old actor - who recently pulled out of Guillermo del Toro's movie 'Crimson Peak' which is set to begin production at the same time...

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The Expendables 3 Plot Details Revealed Whilst Bulgarian Filming In Full Swing [Pictures]

By Lauren James | 20th August 2013

With the release date set for this time next year, only a few official details of the upcoming action sequel The Expendables 3 have been confirmed so far leaving the rest to gossip. At this...

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Star Wars Episode Vii Set For December 2015 Release?

20th August 2013

'Star Wars Episode VII' is being tipped for a December 2015 release date.The new chapter of the intergalactic adventure will reportedly break with the franchise's May release tradition to debut just before Christmas, according to...

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Ron Burgundy Returns To Pen 'Classy' Memoirs Before 'Anchorman' Sequel Release

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th August 2013

Ron Burgundy, the fictional anchorman starring in the film of the same name, is to pen a satirical memoir.Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate filming on the set of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.Ron Burgundy is...

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Harrison Ford's Bald Head Left Movie Director Panicked

13th August 2013

Director Robert Luketic flew into a panic during production on his new thriller Paranoia after leading man Harrison Ford suddenly decided to shave his head bald.Ford's co-star, Liam Hemsworth, reveals Luketic was faced with a...

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The Things They Say: 3809448

12th August 2013

"Rent money, car payments, kids in school - I have to work." Veteran actor Harrison Ford jokes about the reason why he signed up to join Sylvester Stallone's action-packed The Expendables 3 movie. The Indiana...

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A Week In Movies: Ford Joins The Expendables, Thor Strikes Back, And Get Ready For The Biopics

By Rich Cline | 9th August 2013

The big news this week was that Harrison Ford will join the Expendables for their third film adventure. Sylvester Stallone tweeted the announcement, then went on to mention that Bruce Willis won't be around this...

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Miley Cyrus Attends 'Paranoia' Premiere, But Is Liam's Movie Any Good? [Pictures]

By Michael West | 9th August 2013

The stars were out in force for the Paranoia premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday evening (August 8, 2013) and when we say stars we mean Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth - the...

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In Defense Of Bruce Willis. Why $4 Million For 'The Expendables 3' Is A Bargain.

By Michael West | 8th August 2013

Action movie fans were collectively outraged on Thursday morning (August 9, 2013) when a source revealed to the Hollywood Reporter the real reason that Bruce Willis left The Expendables 3.As we already knew, Bruce and...

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Bruce Willis Isn't Expendable - He Quit! And Sly Stallone's Annoyed

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th August 2013

These guys just can’t get along. Bruce Willis decided against another appearance in the Expendables movie franchise, which led Sylvester Stallone to label him as greedy and lazy on Twitter.Stallone isn't best pleased with WillisThese...

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Bruce Willis Walks Out On 'Expendables 3' After Making Massive Payment Demands

By Joe Wilde | 8th August 2013

Bruce Willis was set to become the latest action star to join forces with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest in the upcoming Expendables 3. Unfortunately though, Willis won't be channelling his inner John...

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Bruce Willis "Lazy" And "Greedy", Replaced By Harrison Ford In 'Expendables 3', Sylvester Stallone Tweets

By Elinor Cosgrave | 8th August 2013

Sylvester Stallone announced via Twitter that Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford would feature in Expendables 3. The Rocky actor criticised Bruce Willis, describing him as "lazy" and "greedy" following his decision to leave the film...

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Harrison Ford Joins 'Expendables 3,' As Sly Brands Willis 'Greedy And Lazy'

By Michael West | 7th August 2013

Three things of note regarding The Expendables 3: Harrison Ford has joined the cast, Bruce Willis has left the cast, and Sylvester Stallone really hates Bruce's work ethic.The whole thing kicked off late on Tuesday...

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Have Stallone And Willis Fallen Out? Harrison Ford For Expendables 3

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th August 2013

Harrison Ford is set to replace Bruce Willis in the all-star action franchise, The Expendables, as we move on to a third film, and Sylvester Stallone – who broke the story - seems mighty pleased...

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Harrison Ford Narrates 'Ender's Game' Final Trailer [Trailer]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 7th August 2013

The final trailer for Ender's Game has been released. Set in the future years after an alien-human war, the movie follows Ender Wiggin, a talent young boy who is sent to a military space academy...

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