'The only band we like is Nirvana.
The only album we like is Nevermind.
The only song we like is Smells Like Teen-Spirit.'*

So say self proclaimed Thrash-Punk band Harlem, who are apparently, 'covered in bbq sauce'. Currently residing in their adoptive home in the 'Live music capital of the world', that is Austin, Texas, Harlem are originally from Tucson. Having been on a rather lengthy journey that has taken in LA, Tennessee, San Francisco and Nashville, where they are 'barred everywhere', Harlem have eventually found appreciation in The Lone Star State.

Michael Coomer and Curtis O'Mara have been playing together since they were fourteen. Both men share the egotistical duties of front man and band conduit equally, swapping guitar, vocals and drums as and when required. Helping to rationalise any potentially problematic situations in the desire to hog the limelight is the newest recruit, and psychology major, Jose Boyer on bass.

'Hippies' is the second album from Harlem and is a follow up to their self released debut, 'Free Drugs'. Having settled and signed (to Matador) the boys have tirelessly and painstakingly sweated over their new release, which they started recording back in July 2009. Harlem have previously drawn comparisons to The Kinks, The Shins, The Pixies and also their zip code neighbours White Denim. Clearly they are not just a Thrash-Punk band.

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