The organisers of the Los Angeles street fair which is set to feature Hanson, Bobby Womack and the reunited Butthole Surfers this weekend (27-28Aug11) are facing a desperate last-ditch push for cash to stage the event.
Sunset Junction organisers lost a fight for permits on Monday (22Aug11) during a Board of Public Works hearing after city officials demanded payment for the policing and clean-up of last year's (10) event and part-payment for this year's festival.
Bosses are now hoping to raise $142,000 (Gbp88,750) by noon on Wednesday (24Aug11) in order to continue with the 20011 fair.
If the money isn't forthcoming and the permits are not given, the event will be cancelled for the first time in its 31-year history.
A spokesperson for Sunset Junction tells WENN, "We are working to raise the 2011 fees prior to the Board of Public Works hearing on Wednesday. Our intention is to show the City that Sunset Junction is a committed and reliable partner, who continues to contribute to the Silverlake community year-round, along with being one of the most anticipated and historic fairs in Los Angeles for 31 years.
"We've received a very positive response from our sponsors and supporters, and we are optimistic that we will reach our goal of obtaining the $142,000 necessary to pay the city. We also want the fans to know that no bands have cancelled yet. We remain optimistic and we're diligently making every effort possible to move forward with Sunset Junction this weekend."