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Thomas Harris Based Hannibal Lecter On Real Life Murderer

Hannibal Lecter

Reclusive author Thomas Harris has finally revealed the inspiration behind his most famous character, revealing creepy cannibal Hannibal Lecter was actually based on a murderous Mexican doctor.

The infamous character first appeared in Harris' 1981 thriller Red Dragon and the book spawned a series of follow-ups and movie adaptations, including Oscar-winning 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs.

Harris has now told the story which inspired him to create the character of Lecter, most famously played on screen by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

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Sir Anthony Hopkins Wants To Buy Childhood Home

Anthony Hopkins Stella Arroyave Hannibal Lecter

Sir Anthony Hopkins has put in an offer to buy his childhood house.

The 'Hitchcock' actor surprised the owners of the house, Chris Trainor and his wife Carly Culver, in Port Talbot, South Wales, when he turned up with his wife Stella Arroyave, on their way back to London from Pembrokeshire after the famous couple renewed their wedding vows at St David's Cathedral.

After Anthony, 74, and Stella, 57, toured the property in Wern Road and the Hollywood star reminisced in the room where he was born, Stella asked Chris and Carly if they would consider selling the £180,000 semi-detached home.

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Scarlett Johansson Terrified Shooting Psycho Shower Scene For New Movie

Scarlett Johansson Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter

Actress Scarlett Johansson was terrified shooting the iconic Psycho shower scene with Anthony Hopkins in her upcoming movie Hitchcock - because she couldn't get his portrayal of serial killer Hannibal Lecter out of her head.

The Avengers star portrays Psycho star Janet Leigh in the film, which examines the story behind the 1959 classic Alfred Hitchcock horror movie, and she she admits the thought of fighting off the Silence of the Lambs villain in a bathroom was one that kept her up at night.

She tells V magazine, "You have got to be brave, get into the shower, and face Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock jabbing you in the face with a 12-inch kitchen knife.

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Mads Mikkelsen To Play Dr. Hannibal Lecter On Tv

Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Lecter Red Dragon

One-time Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen has signed on to portray cannibal DR. Hannibal Lecter in a new TV drama prequel to Red Dragon.

The Danish Casino Royale star will take on the role previously played on the big screen by Brian Cox and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Mikkelsen will star opposite Hugh Dancy in the TV adaptation of writer Thomas Harris' concept.

Hannibal Lecter Heading To Tv

Hannibal Lecter NBC

Movie cannibal Hannibal Lecter is heading to the small screen in a new TV series.

The gruesome character, created by Thomas Harris in his book series, has been played by Brian Cox in 1986's Manhunter and most famously by Sir Anthony Hopkins, who won an Oscar for his role in 1991 thriller The Silence of the Lambs.

Other films featuring the character include 2001's Hannibal and 2002's Red Dragon.

TV bosses have now revealed plans to bring Hannibal back in a small screen show, according to EW.com.

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Hopkins Took Hannibal Role To Combat Theatre Boredom

Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter CNN

SIR Anthony Hopkins has theatre boredom to thank for his SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Oscar - he would never have taken the role of Hannibal Lecter if he hadn't grown tired of London's West End.

The actor got his big break as a thespian working with British acting greats, but admits the experience grew tiresome, and his boredom with stage work pushed him to take on more movie roles - in particular the part of cannibal Lecter in the award-winning 1991 film.

In an interview with CNN newsman Piers Morgan, Hopkins says, "I'm not a creature of the theatre. People say I am, but I wasn't at all. I couldn't fit in with anyone. I'm not a team player. Couldn't do Shakespeare, walking around in wrinkled tights for the rest of my life. I wanted to be back in movies.

"A script came over to the theatre one afternoon. My agent said read it. So I read it... Jonathan Demme came over, the director; he saw me and met me, and I started on it. I thought, 'This is one of those parts that come up once in a lifetime.' I just knew how to play that part. It's the shadow at the top of the stairs that terrifies all little kids. This nightmare of our lives."

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Wentz Channels Cannibal Hannibal On Catwalk

Pete Wentz Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter

Pete Wentz stunned the style crowd at New York Fashion Week after he was wheeled down the runway dressed as Anthony Hopkins' psychopathic cannibal character Hannibal Lecter.

The former Fall Out Boy rocker was showcasing his latest designs for fashion house Clandestine Industries in the Big Apple on Wednesday (17Feb10).

But rather than taking an understated bow at the finale of his collection, Wentz made a creepy entrance by being pushed down the catwalk on a gurney - wearing the muzzle and jumpsuit made famous by Hopkins in scary 1991 thriller The Silence of the Lambs.

However, his bizarre antics went down a storm with the assembled fashion experts - with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz leading the applause from the front row.

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Anthony Hopkins Not Changed By Awards

Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter Silence Of The Lambs

Sir Anthony Hopkins claims winning an Oscar wasn't that big a deal.

The actor - who picked up one of the prestigious awards for his chilling performance as the monstrous Hannibal Lecter in horror movie 'Silence Of The Lambs' - refused to let the success go to his head, because he'd seen too many good actors ruin their careers over it.

He said: "I think you have to be sure every time you get out of bed to be grateful for another day. There are no guarantees. I used to have a fear of failure when I was young. You can't live with that. Nor can you live with an insatiable desire for success because that's just as bad and as crippling. That's toxic.

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Hopkins To Feast As Hannibal Again

Anthony Hopkins Ridley Scott Hannibal Lecter

SIR Anthony Hopkins is teaming up with director SIR Ridley Scott to bring his most infamous villain Hannibal Lecter back to the big screen.

The actor will reprise his cannibalistic serial killer for the fourth time in a second sequel to the 1991 hit film The Silence of the Lambs, for which he won a Best Actor Oscar.

Hopkins also appeared in 2001's Hannibal before starring in the 2002 prequel Red Dragon.

And actress Cate Blanchett has been tipped to take over the role of Clarice Starling after Jodie Foster pulled out to direct Claire Danes in the forthcoming Flora Plum.

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Movie Reviews: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Pirates Of The Caribbean Silence Of The Lambs Hannibal Lecter

January has traditionally been a month for dumping films for which studios have little hope. This January is proving to be no exception. This weekend sees the debut of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. Its main characters are vegetables. Still, Gene Seymour writes in Newsday, "after the garish excessiveness of the last pair of live-action "Pirates Of The Caribbean" installments, the pokey charms of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything provides a mildly soothing tonic." Several critics remark that while children are likely to love it, parents who take them to see it may find their minds wandering. Kevin Crust in the Los Angeles Times, for example, found himself wondering, "If there was a VeggieTales version of The Silence Of The Lambs -- which, arguably, is pretty unlikely -- would Hannibal Lecter be a vegetarian or would the fava beans simply become the main dish with a side of kidney?" Lou Lumenick in the New York Post writes that the film deserves praise for one thing only, it's title -- "for truth in advertising. I've seen more exciting no-smoking announcements in theaters."


Hannibal Lecter

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