Godforsaken hails its Natural Born Killers pedigree right on the front of the video case. Based on a true story of Dutch hooliganism, Godforsaken unfortunately can't keep up with Oliver Stone's heady thrill ride -- and that really isn't saying a lot.

Stan (Egbert Jan Weeber) is an impressionable middle-class kid, with a long-last father and minimal ambition. When old pal Mike (Tygo Gernandt) gets out of jail, Stan gets quickly sucked into Mike's world, joining him on a series of burglaries in search of easy money. Alas, it doesn't start out well -- the first job turns out so badly that things wind up with the shopkeeper dead and the pair emptyhanded. What follows is a disjointed story of Stan and Mike increasingly becoming at odds with the Turkish mafia, Mike's girfriend (Angela Schijf) getting pregnant and having a miscarriage, and infighting among the group.

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