The Netherlands' strangest home video comes back to roost in Little Sister, the audicious debut by Dutch filmmaker Robert Jan Westdijk. Shot entirely via handheld video camera, Little Sister outdoes contemporaries like The Blair Witch Project by making a faux documentary that looks real, acts with sophistication and intelligence, and creeps you out with subtle innuendo that doesn't rely on schlock horror gags.

In a tale reminiscent of Peeping Tom and especially the Dogme 95 film The Celebration, the video-obsessed Martijn (played/voiced by three different actors, none of whom are virtually ever seen on camera) pays a surprise visit to his sister (a radiant Kim van Kooten, in her first film) on the day of her 20th birthday. As soon becomes apparent, Martijn has a bit of a chip on his shoulder -- probably something to do with his incestuous lust for his kid sis when she was just nine years old. Seen in frequent flashbacks, it's unclear what their relationship was really like as children, or even who wanted what -- or whom. Over the course of an hour and a half, we are invited to somewhat relive the past, and figure out this twisted bit of history.

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