Kendra Wilkinson is ready to have another baby.

The 27-year-old former Playboy model - who has three-year-old son Hank with her 30-year-old husband Hank Baskett - thinks the time is right for her to get pregnant again because her little boy is older and more independent.

She explained to Us Weekly magazine: ''He's in school, he does homework and he's taking swimming lessons.

''He uses his imagination and doesn't even want to watch TV.

''He's the most amazing little human. He's making us feel comfortable about baby Number two now.''

Kendra recently revealed she likes to bond with her son by taking baths with him.

She said: ''I mean, come on, I take showers with my son. I take baths with my son. We are fine. Everybody has boobs.

''We're all human, and I look at that side of things. I have a humour side. I have a very strong humour side, and of course people see that as very serious, but I'm not serious at all. It's a very funny thing, and we're all gonna survive.''