LATEST: Halle Berry's stalker isn't all he seems to be - he was never a Navy Seal.

Berry has won a temporary restraining order against GREG BROUSSARD, 40, after he threatened her manager and agent and wrote her chilling letters, in which he claimed God told him to marry the actress and she came to speak to him in his dreams.

Now, America's CELEBRITY JUSTICE has discovered just how dangerous the Louisiana man, who claimed he was a former Navy SEAL, is.

Firstly, according to a website that tracks down bogus Navy SEALS, Broussard was never a member of the crack military operation.

Secondly, he has a history of legal altercations connected to his mental state, and he's currently under investigation by police in Louisiana for allegedly breaking into a neighbour's car.

Police records show Broussard once attempted suicide and was arrested for public obscenity for "grabbing" himself and harassing people on the street.

He was also remanded in a mental hospital in 2001 when his own mother called police, complaining he was refusing to take his medication for a chemical imbalance and was possibly "dangerous to himself."

Berry's lawyers will attempt to get a permanent restraining order against Broussard at a court hearing in Santa Monica, California, on 7 June (04).

28/05/2004 20:09