Actress Halle Berry has urged all women to see her new movie The Call because it arms viewers with life-saving tips on how to survive an abduction.

In the upcoming thriller, Berry plays a veteran 911 phone operator, who receives a disturbing call from a young girl bundled into the trunk of a car after a kidnapping in a parking garage.

The film follows Turner as she tries to rescue the terrified victim, and the beauty insists the movie is a great resource for females who want to learn how to protect themselves from an attacker.

Asking girls to make smart choices during an appearance on U.S. programme The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, she says, "Never walk alone in a parking structure again... There's a simple deterrent, take someone with you, a guy is gonna nab one girl but not two - you can always take someone. But if you should find yourself in this situation, this movie kind of tells you some things that you can do. If something happened to me, I would feel more resourceful now."

The Monster's Ball star visited a real-life call centre as research for the role, and Berry reveals the trip gave her a whole new appreciation for emergency dispatchers who dedicate themselves to saving others.

She adds, "I was amazed because does anybody even know who the 911 people are? Like I never knew. I thought they were in a hole in a ground in a bunker somewhere... And I thought maybe there was like two or three of them, but it's a whole world. And the one (call centre) in our movie is almost an exact replica of one of the larger ones here in Los Angeles. It's desks everywhere, each operator is sitting in front of six computer screens, and each screen is manning a different thing that they have to navigate their way through.

"There's a quiet room where they get to go when they have a really bad call, they call it debugging... And then they have a 24-hour psychiatrist who's on staff to help, because some of those calls are really tough."