Halle Berry is pregnant with Baby Berry number 2! The announcement that the 46-year-old star is expecting was made by her rep on Friday: “We can confirm that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are expecting a child,” confirmed the rep for E! News. “We will not be commenting on or confirming any additional details.”

Berry, who is already a mother to 4-year-old Nahla, is reportedly ecstatic about the future baby herself. “Halle and Olivier are really excited,” a source said. “It’s a blessing. They can’t wait to have a baby together.” Yesterday, just one day after the announcement, the actress was already flaunting the makings of a baby bump around town. Berry was shot in New York sporting dark aviators, an open coat, tunic top and the bare beginnings of a baby bulge. True, her modest first trimester pregnancy belly was no match for expectant mother Kim Kardashian’s, for example, but when you’re working with abs like Berry’s, there’s probably not that much room for expansion anyway. Not to be shallow, but that kid is coming from one heck of a gene pool.

We here at Contactmusic would like to wish the expectant parents an easy pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby and, as per the actress's requests, few encounters with the paparazzi. Any bets on little Berry’s sex?

Halle Berry, The Call Premiere
The world will miss Berry's enviable physique for a while, but hey, a new baby is worth it!