Halle Berry is on the verge of losing touch with the daughter she once considered adopting - her father has moved her back to Wisconsin.

The actress became so close to estranged husband Eric Benet's daughter India during their three-year marriage she considered signing official adoption papers, but she never got round to it.

And now the couple have split, Benet has sent his daughter to live with her grandmother in Wisconsin - because he's convinced life is better there for a 12-year-old than Los Angeles.

Relative MARLENE STAUFF says, "I'm sad for India that she lost Halle as a mother. They seemed to have such a lot in common and a real bond."

A family friend tells America's IN TOUCH magazine, "When Eric took India to Wisconsin, Halle was devastated. Halle knows that with India living in Wisconsin, she will have to let go of the little girl."

20/08/2004 02:36