Michelle Trachtenberg obviously hasn't read the teen star career-progression handbook. It goes: TV series, princess fantasy, teen sex comedy. Trachtenberg managed to skip the middle step on her way from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Eurotrip, but I guess at that point someone alerted the tween mafia, known in some quarters as the Walt Disney Company, because here she is, starring as Casey Carlyle, physics geek turned figure skater, in Ice Princess.

It's not a role that plays to her strengths. Trachtenberg is gawky, yes - but almost superhumanly so, when given the chance. She squeaks and quivers to the point of resembling a cartoon mouse; when her eyes widen in anticipation (or shock, or fear), as they often do during Ice Princess, it's easy to imagine that she's spying a tasty morsel of cheese (unfortunately, it's more difficult to imagine the movie as that cheese). Now that she's served her time as princess for a day, she should escape to good screwball comedy.

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