There are explicit and implicit lessons to be learned from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, so listen up. The first one is if you want people to see your movie it behooves you to come up with a more succinct title. The second one - and more pertinent to the film - is don't tie rocks to little animals - especially if they are still alive. However, it's okay to tie rocks to yourself as a way of self-punishment - especially if you're doing it for spiritual reasons.

Directed by one of Korea's hot young directors -- Kim Ki-duk -- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring is a Buddhism-inspired fable that takes place during five seasons spread over many years and attempts -- much like The Passion of The Christ -- to merge the secular with the spiritual. But unlike that film, this one also gives us the relationship between man and nature as well as man and himself, and deals specifically with characters who try to attain some kind of harmony right here on earth.

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