Gwyneth Paltrow loves red lipstick.

The 40-year-old actress likes to keep her look simple with a slick of brick-red lipstick to complement her dewy complexion, finishing it off with a smoky eye at night.

She said: ''I'm a big fan of a simple red lip teamed with fresh skin. I think it's a strong statement and a really good look for me personally. I change things up on a night out by wearing a smoky eye.''

The 'Sliding Doors' actress loves the current edgy make-up trend visible on the streets of London and she thinks messy eye shadow is always a good look.

Gwyneth revealed: ''I love that cool, slightly undone look you get with a dark, smudgy eye. You see that a lot in London, there's a really cool vibe here at the moment where the look is glam, but a little edgier.''

The stylish star is famed for her poker-straight blonde locks, but doesn't think there is any truth in the saying blondes have more fun as she thinks brunettes are able to fly under the radar.

Gwyneth added in an interview with Stylist magazine: ''I don't understand the whole idea of blondes having more fun. I'd say brunettes have more fun as they can go under the radar a little bit more.

''People are just waiting for blondes to get drunk and fall down, because we're so visible.''