Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow has accepted the fact she may never take on another big starring role because it's a sacrifice she is happy to make to be a good wife and mother.

The Shakespeare In Love star has scaled back the number of movies she makes after becoming a mum to her first child, daughter Apple, in 2004 and has opted instead to take on smaller roles in films like Contagion and the Iron Man franchise.

The actress admits it was a conscious decision to spend as little time away from her family as possible and she had no problem giving up her hectic work schedule to ensure she was the best wife to her rocker husband Chris Martin and the number one mum for her two kids.

In an interview with her designer pal Diane von Furstenberg for America's InStyle magazine, she says, "When I started out (acting) I was connected with the artist in me, but at some point, I got out of touch with why I was acting. Then my father died (in 2002), and I took time off to reassess and be with my kids.

"I haven't starred in a movie since I was pregnant with my daughter; I can't be away from home that long. I look for an interesting supporting part I can do about once a year. That's the most I can manage. Some women can do it and that's fantastic, but I can't. You make choices as a wife and mother, don't you? You can't have it all."

However, food fanatic Paltrow may be returning to the spotlight as a leading lady sooner than she expected - she was recently reported to be in talks to star in a new movie based on the memoir of top New York chef Gabrielle Hamilton in Blood, Bones & Butter.